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When you choose Refunds, you can be confident that you'll receive professional, efficient, and friendly service from our team of tax refund experts who take the stress and hassle out of dealing with tax and HMRC. And what's even better? Our fees are as upfront as we are.

Our Fees

We have nothing to hide, especially not any extra charges. Whether you're a receptionist, a labourer, or a hairdresser - if you're employed (PAYE) we charge the same set fee for each tax year.


  Fee Minimum Fee Maximum Fee
Tax Refund Service 26% £40 +VAT £400 +VAT
Tax Return Service £149 +VAT Flat Rate
Additional Services £40 +VAT per 30 minutes. A minimum charge of 30 minutes of our time, or part thereof, applies to any additional services.
International Bank Transfer £25 fee for transferring into an international bank account.


It's important to note that our fees apply to each tax year.


Fee Examples

Wondering what kind of fee you'll be looking at in return for our service?

Tax Refund Service

If your refund for the year is £100, our fee is £40.00 +VAT
If your refund for the year is £960, our fee is £249.60 +VAT
If your refund for the year is £2,500, our fee is £400 +VAT
If your refund for the year is £5,000, our fee is £400 +VAT

Tax Return Service

One flat fee of £149 +VAT

If you require preparation of accounts or supplementary information in support of your self assessment tax return, this will be charged at £40 +VAT per 30 minutes work (minimum charge of 30 minutes applies). This fee will be discussed and agreed to by you before any work is undertaken.

International Bank Accounts

If you are requesting your refund from us to be paid into an international bank account we will pass on the £25 fee, charged to us by our bank, onto you.



Questions We're Often Asked

Questions we're often asked

Can I claim a tax refund?

If you've had changes in your employment within a tax year, have had to cover your own work-related expenses, or arrived in or left the UK part way through a tax year, it's likely you've overpaid tax and are owed a tax refund!

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Questions we're often asked

How much will my tax refund be?

It's estimated that 1 in 3 people who pay tax in the UK are owed a tax refund, with an average refund of over £420! Everyone's tax refund is different because the amount of tax you pay depends on a variety of personal factors and your individual situation.

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Can you claim a tax refund?

Drive your own vehicle for work?

Drive your own vehicle to different places for work?

If you drive your own vehicle to different places for your job, you may qualify for a tax refund

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Wash your work uniform?

Pay to wash your work uniform?

If you pay for cleaning, repairing, or replacing a uniform or specialist clothing that you need for your job, you're probably owed a tax refund!

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Just arrived or left?

Just arrived or left?

If you're a PAYE (Pay as You Earn) worker and you either left or arrived in the UK part way through a tax year, you could have a WooHoo waiting for you!

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Changes in your employment?

Changes in your employment?

It's estimated that one in three people who pay tax in the UK overpay tax, especially those whose employment situation has changed during a tax year.

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