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Has your employment situation changed?

If you're a PAYE (Pay as You Earn) worker, such as a receptionist, nurse or teacher, your employer will automatically deduct tax from your earnings so that you don't have to but it's estimated that one in three people who pay tax in the UK overpay tax, especially those whose employment situation has changed during a tax year.

If your situation has matched any of the below in the last four years, it's likely you’ve overpaid tax and are owed a tax refund:

    • worked more than one job at a time
    • you started a job part way through a tax year
    • you stopped a job part way through a tax year
    • you were unemployed for part of a tax year
    • you were on an emergency tax code for part of a tax year

Who can apply?

No matter your job, if you've only worked part of a tax year, or you've had more than one job in a tax year, you could qualify for a tax refund.

Risk free!

Finding out if you're owed a tax refund is free and easy - and risk free! It only takes a few minutes to complete our easy online application form, and our team of friendly tax refund experts will take care of all the hard stuff so that you don’t have to. And the icing on the cake? If we find that you're not entitled to claim a tax refund, it won’t cost you a penny thanks to our 'no refund, no fee' policy. WooHoo!

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