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What we do

As an Authorised Tax Agent, we're tax experts providing the United Kingdom with safe, easy, and reliable tax refunds from HRMC as well as helping those needing to file a Self- Assessment tax return. Owned and operated by people with vast experience in accountancy and taxation, our expertise allows us to make tax refund and tax return applications simple, while ensuring that we act by the latest rules and legislation.

Tax is rarely a fun and exciting subject. Traditionally, you’d expect tons of forms to complete, complicated numbers to work out, and papers to sign. Time to experience tax return the WooHoo Way. With an easy to use online application form and a few mandatory documents to sign, you will be on your way to completion in no time! And the icing on the cake? If there's no tax refund waiting for you, there's no fee - guaranteed!


Who are we?

We're your friendly tax experts, here to help you get your overpaid tax back from the Government to where it belongs - in your pocket! And make sure any tax returns are filed correctly and up to date with HMRC.

What is WooHoo, and what does it have to do with my taxes?

WooHoo is a feeling, experienced in a moment when something great happens unexpectedly - such as receiving a nice big refund of your overpaid tax from us!

WooHoo Group was founded in 2008 . After 7 years of being trusted by hundreds of thousands of Kiwis to claim their overpaid taxes back from the New Zealand Government and file tax returns, we decided it was time for millions of hardworking taxpayers in the United Kingdom to enjoy the new way of reclaiming overpaid tax and get their WooHoo moments, too.

In our London head office, we're a long way from our Kiwi roots. Our story is one of innovation, diligence, and drive to bring a little bit of WooHoo to as much of the world as we can.

Founded by accountant, entrepreneur, and mother, Cilla Hegarty, we're now a global company combining passion and expertise in our drive to lead the industry towards simplicity and outstanding customer service.


Why should you use us?

We pride ourselves on offering more than you might expect everyday. We know that tax doesn't usually evoke the warmest of fuzzies - but that doesn't have to be the case! As our name suggests, we like to bring a bit of excitement and cheer to the world of tax. Delivering 'WooHoo Moments' to hardworking taxpayers is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

Join the movement and experience quick, easy and stress-free tax returns the WooHoo way!


Quick Facts

  • Date Founded: January, 2015
  • Founder & CEO: Cilla Hegarty
  • Headquarters: London
  • Average Age of Our Staff: 28
  • Most Common Eye Colour of Staff: Brown
  • Cat People or Dog People: Dog